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About winch
The role of the winch is summarized in the most concise language as self-help and other rescues.
Electric winches have now become standard on off-road vehicles and are very versatile, not only can they help you or your fellow cars get out of trouble successfully, but they can also be used to clear the road of difficult-to-remove obstacles, such as a tree trunks across the middle of the road, etc. Just as every extrication requires careful consideration, so does the use of synthetic fiber rope or traditional steel cable. Just as each time the trapped need to be closely thought, in the winch using synthetic fiber rope or traditional steel cable, is also an issue of careful consideration.Compared with the traditional steel cable, fiber rope because of its lightweight, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, wear, and aging resistance, users will not be knotted or bent. No rebound after breaking, high security, and easy maintenance, has become more and more people's choice. The advantage point of fiber rope winch is lightweight and easy to handle, which is the off-road is will bring us practicality and convenience, but fiber rope also has limits, if not used properly will also become very fragile.
1. Whether it is fiber rope or steel cable, after a long period of hard rescue work use will have the problem of aging and damage. But in case the keyboard rope breaks in the process of use, the consequences are not the same, which often leads to many 4WD enthusiasts tend to use fiber rope. The winch of fiber rope should be carefully checked before each use to ensure the safety of use and no accidents, and after each use should also be checked to see if there is damage and need to be repaired or replaced.
2. Weight and flexibility are the two most significant characteristics of fiber rope better than steel cable. Lighter weight means safer to operate, no other protection measures are needed. And good flexibility in the vehicle rescue process encountered rope length is not enough to help. Steel cable if pulled out too long, will appear to kink, and fiber rope on the positive side will be much better, and fiber rope will not rust, most the chemicals, including gasoline and oil, have a certain resistance, their lightweight and high strength characteristics is a great advantage. A 28m long 10mm diameter fiber rope is about 2KG, while the same size steel cable weighs about 13KG. The lightweight characteristic of fiber rope makes it contain less kink energy, in case of breakage, the harm produced is also less. Usually, there is a need to rescue the situation always because the car is under greater pressure, if you want to drag up a swollen vehicle, compared to the heavy steel cable, lightweight fiber rope will float on the water so that the whole rescue process becomes easier.
3. The maximum tension of high-strength fiber rope is stronger than traditional steel cable. This characteristic makes whichever large weight of long-wheelbase off-road vehicle owners prefer to choose synthetic fiber rope. In the same diameter, to be more than the steel cable fastness about 25%. Because of this difference, in a certain strength needs, you can choose a more slender fiber rope to replace the steel cable, both to save time, and can be loaded with a longer length of winch rope.
4. Personal injury accidents occur from time to time due to the breakage of the winch rope. Continuous strong light exposure will accelerate the aging of the fiber rope. Installing a protective cover on the surface will help solve this problem, single, after
all, the strong rope also has its service life, so never before use to check carefully once. Mud will not mix with fiber rope, but sand and gravel and other small particles will be hidden in the fiber rope between the synthetic fiber bundle, little by little wear
and tear of each fiber, making it premature aging. So, keep the fiber rope clean, remember to wash them with soapy water after each use, and after washing, find a place where the sun is not very strong to dry them out.
5. Another shortcoming of steel cables is that they are prone to kink. For this reason, we must have life experience, general iron sheet wire in the same place bent several times will automatically brake, and steel cable is the same, so any abnormal bending will be buried in these parts of the fracture of the hidden danger. Steel cable in the winding into a ball will produce harm to the winch, in the collection of rope will also hear a disturbing noise. In addition, the cable is prone to a pull a loose situation,
this action will trigger the sudden movement of the rescued vehicle. Rust is another disadvantage of steel cable, so in the daily maintenance of the winch, do not forget to maintain the maintenance of those problems auspicious steel cable parts. If you choose a steel cable winch, pay attention to the weight, the extra weight of the steel cable will be pressed on the front axle, the vehicle is in the process of modification, and with the modification of the newer parts, the car will be heavier and heavier, if you want to make the car more relaxed, steel cable is not a good choice.
6. In the wild, encounter unexpected situations, if you can correctly use two fiber ropes interspersed with each other method, it may let us out of danger as soon as possible, compared with being trapped in someplace waiting for rescue, we will all prefer to make ourselves out of trouble through their own efforts. The two broken fiber ropes interspersed with each other into a strand of rope, to be more effective than the knot method, if the operation is correct, two interspersed into a strand of fiber rope will reach the original 90%-100% of the load.